Sunday, June 19, 2011

Maniacs Dream - Zanzibar

"Actually, we ended up doing different kinds of costumes from the stuff we dug out from the trash cans. We found two large elementary school clocks and we made boxes for them. And you can actually move the pointers from inside the box! My box has a picture of a toothbrushing parrot and Tero has a lake theme. We'll stay inside the boxes for 15 minutes and play 3 parallel recordings of a waterfall at huge volume and then come out of the boxes dressed in sleeping bags and making stupid noises to microphones. And when we get out from the sleeping bags we have funny costumes. Will be a dark and sweaty gig."

Familiar sounds for anyone interested in Finnish freakouts. This here's an LP reissue of a long-oop cassette. The sound is relentless. Fuzzed out and bangin the whole way through. This one's for Fraham.

Maniacs Dream - Zanzibar

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