Monday, January 17, 2011

Ghetto Brothers - Power Fuerza

I have trouble accepting the changing of seasons. I don't want to admit that this may be out of some stubborn refusal to accept change, it must be something else. I'd rather blame it on the fact that I spend a great deal of time in windowless rooms and have all but completely lost any concept of time. Last week before going out to party I asked if it was cold out. Auchie said "It's January in Michigan. What do you think?" Check mate. Even so, it didn't dawn on me that winter is here and the effects it's having on my brain and body are staring me right in face. Everybody seems weirder than usual. Thinking twice before I say something, thinking a million time about everything I've said. These aren't things I do when it's not winter.

The Ghetto Brothers were a Puerto Rican gang active in Bronx the 60's and 70's. However, as far as I can tell the Brothers were pretty much your stereotypical "good guy" gang. All the literature I can find about them talks about keeping drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes out of their neighborhoods, NOT seeking revenge for the killing of their buddies, staging parties and jam-sessions, and being super righteous dudes. They had a band too, and that band played the most good-vibe sun-drenched latin-funk party music I've ever heard. In an interview a former member and organizer the dude says

We used to go to Crotona Pool. And you have the 8 ft. section so we would go there periodically to see who was the victim. A gang would kill somebody and throw them in the pool. Everybody would be like, 'Ooooooh! I wonder who's that?'

Here I am sulking about the chilly weather while these dudes were living stone-cold real-talk lives while managing to pump out the sunniest jams of all. Seriously, "You Say You Are My Friend" is giving me the fuzzies all over. Plus, as things get more latin the knob labeled "ALL THE REVERB" gets cranked up. I'm going to pretend it's summer and go drink thirty stone on the roof with this just FUCKING BLASTING


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  1. This is a dope record. One of my favorite and more rare joints. Nice post man.