Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Forrest Friends

Two days ago I found the best record store ever. I try and hit up every store in Seattle while I visit my family for the Holidays because I can feel good about spending money on vacation. So I stumbled upon this place called Leary Records, which took over another store's spot recently. I seriously wanted to buy everything there. No crap, just yes yes yes. I picked up a copy of The Legendary Stardust Cowboy LP and drove off with my family because everyone was sick of waiting around for me. I went back today with way more money and way more time. It's the perfect place. Just weird enough to keep my on my toes. I actually had to shit off my cell phone because the audiophile boutique downstairs was demoing something and my phone call was ruining everything. Alright whatever I gave the dude a Fuck Dorian and he gave me a cd-r of his band, Forrest Friends. He kept telling me about how their cassette is waaaaay better but I'm actually glad to have the cd because I can listen to that at my parents place.

It makes me think of Avarus, though less dense. There's a party track or two, but mostly meditative stuff. It makes sense, I've been going on hikes over here and it's nice.


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