Wednesday, October 13, 2010


thought i should post some flying nun shit on here... if you want to dig i recommend THE DOLEDRUMS, where you can get a lot of obscure flying nun but might run into some walls, as many of the links no longer work and nothing's been posted for a year.

but anyway, as morgan pointed out, this is a really fucking spooky time of the year. i got all these stray cats hanging around, you see, and one of of them has these huge sunken eyes and a protruding chin. like the pink panther. when i feed the cats, pink panther will hide in the bushes until no humans are around, then will jump onto the porch and force the food down without chewing. real feral shit.

tall dwarfs have formula for pop music in their jaws, but they never seem to chew it. the same repeater keyboard melodies that drove the clean/verlaines/sneaky feelings emerge but never solidify. Wild chanting hooks are perverted while the band mercilessly fuck up the songs. Everything is done by Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate mailing overdubs to each other, which further disconnects the instruments. It's weird for a flying nun band to sound like sun city girls or eddy detroit! snag this! The comp includes two EPS: 1985's "That's the Long and Short of it" and 1986's "Throw a Sickle".


  1. This is still alive, heh lucky!!! Thank you very much !