Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Music of some Indian Tribes of Columbia

~*~.~*sTuNnInG*~.~*~ collections of field recordings taken in the early Sixties by British Anthropologists. Ranges from playful singing and flutes to haunted deep-listening to straight up party shit.

Each side of each disc represents a different location, so yeah lots of range here. Even some recordings from missions to throw a spoke in the vibes. Basically: big huge collection. Big booming waterfalls drowning out lone singers. Maybe my favorite part is that Mr. Anthropologist here stored his tapes "Tail In" leading to tape bleed, which turns some of the more spooky solo passages into phantasmal call and response songs.

Disc 3 might be my favorite, loving the pan-pipe melodies. Some real heavy stuff happening on these cuts.

Lovingly ripped from vinyl at 320 for yall.

Disc I
Disc II
Disc III


  1. Hey, I love these! Thanks a million. B.t.w., the link to the third disc seems to be wrong, saying "Cooley High Ensemble", with 13MB. Would be great of you to check and maybe correct it. Especially since you rave on that one in your review... Kind regards from Berlin

  2. holy molé that's a dumb mistake. Thanks for pointing that out and thanx for da luv. The link shoul be fixed now. Why can't I figure out how to make blogger tell me when people comment on these bad boys?

  3. Hi mate, be warned: I do check back! Just kiddin'. Thanks another million for correcting the link to the 3rd part. WOW

  4. OOOHHH MY GOD!!! I'm from Colombia and let me tell you these are real treasures, many of these tribes have beeen "civilized" or killed. There's no actual records of such tapes in Colombia and if there is any, is hidden from the public view,the Colombian goverment simply don't care about the tribes but they are the real soul of our land, so this is Human and Colombian history with and infinite value. Thank you so much.

  5. Amazing post! Thanks a lot.

  6. these links are dead, working link to the file on this page: