Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Esplendor Geometrico EG-1 Cassette

Truly punishing spanish Industrial/Noise group. This was posted on Alice Rabbit's kickass beelog not too long ago, but look I went and split the tracks up for easy jamming/mix-tapin. There's been a few reissues of this bad-boy, one of which was posted on Mutant Sounds but then sadly taken down. I managed to grip that before it disappeared, but thanks to a massive hard drive failure it is no more (that's also the reason updates have been sparse on my side. sorry yall).

Back to the tunes, how can you say no to a song title "Quince Años Tiene Mi Amor"? Look buddy, it's Halloween. It's been Halloween for me since early September. I saw a SWAT team walking to the liquor store. I saw a dead body. Caitlin's computer time-traveled. I'm really enjoying the spooky vibes this autumn, they can't be avoided. Total haunted house shit right here. Torture chamber soundtracks. Quite a bit scarier than camcorder horror flixxx. DUDE just turn on a strobe light and get SPOOKED.


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