Friday, October 15, 2010

J.D. Emmanuel Cassettes

Not too long ago a lucked out and saw that Daniel Emmanuel himself was selling a lot of cassettes on ebay. As a true believer of Wizards, I really couldn't stop myself. Plus the ebay description of the Rain Forest Music tape suggested turning on and off Dolby noise Reduction to lower or raise the rain forest and water sounds. Yes. Duh.

There's not too much info about these specific tapes, besides Wizards of course. Originally released in 1982 and reissued on vinyl a few times. It's one of those tapes I can count on chilling me the fuck out when I want to pull teeth. Works every time.

Ancient Minimal Meditations is a little more intense than Wizards, but cut from the same cloth. Truly chilled synths. Deep-listening zones. Rain Fores Music slightly deviates in style, but has some fantastic waves of sound and even some guitar tracks. I'm trying to be as succinct as possible because these tapes really speak for themselves.

If you dig on these tapes make sure you try and purchase them if you get the chance. Daniel Emmanuel has an ebay shop and still making music in Texas, though I don't know how often he makes his recordings available.

Tapes digitization courtesy of Brendars. Yes, the real Ahh Brendars.

Rain Forest Music Ancient Minimal Mediations Wizards

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