Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday Morning Struggzzzz

this Tuesday I woke up covered in sweat and realized that my body will never be what it once was: a shining beacon of light, drawing in wounded sailors for miles to come. Once I finally showed up to the trotter house I was mystified by the physical condition of all these high school students. To be completely serious, these jams were made by a bunch of kids with varying levels of learning disabilities and autism under the direction of Joseph Wojtowicz and Johnny "j-bird" Farris. I have never before felt such beautiful vibes and raw emotiions expressed through music. I was brought to tears. The drumming on the second track melted my brain into a puddle of sunshine and butterflies. The vocals on the last track made me want to get up and hug everybody until I got taken away by security and beat up in an alley.

Cooley High Ensemble

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