Monday, December 21, 2009

Metal Babble - Four Winters

When I began recording under the Metal Babble moniker, the name was just a silly video game reference for what I expected to be a one-off noise project. Over the past five years, it's become much more than that. With zero funding and mostly borrowed equipment, I've come up with a pretty sizeable amount of material. Most of which was recorded in the winter months in bouts of reclusion and depression. Since then, I've had a lot of personal growth and gained a much better outlook. I no longer wish to make moody music to vent my frustrations. I'd much rather find solutions to my problems and share them with others. I hope to inspire people to live differently. To take time to appreciate life and the world around them. I intend for my future music endeavors to be a vehicle for this message. While this music represents feelings that are behind me, I am still proud of it. The name for this project now reveals it's true meaning: Defeating a Metal Babble is difficult, but in doing so, much experience is gained. Consider this a victory.

This album is composed of what I consider my strongest work. Four EPs expressing heartache, alienation, bleakness and isolation.

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