Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kyle Hall: The Perfekt Sin


Kyle Hall, Detroit based producer/DJ/label owner is a favorite of ours here at Resin Hits. Hall produces truly funky, original, and inspired house jams that showcase an innate understanding of the genre, and a true love of the music and its cultural roots in Detroit. Not only is he an exceptional producer of house music, but dude totally throws down on the decks as well. I saw him spin last New Year's Eve at the Cass Café with some friends, and it was a most impressive set indeed. After watching him spin, I went over to express my appreciation for his skills, and to see if I could book him to play in Ann Arbor sometime. He handed me a card for his "Wild Oats" record label, I was pretty impressed but never really followed up on contacting him.

What brought Mr. Hall back to my attention was when fellow Resin Hits contributor Korgborglar told me about a set he saw him play and how he was very anxious to try and do some shows with him. Korgborglar then did the world a favor by posting a Kyle Hall track to the Resin Hits for you all to download and enjoy, which I like the millions of you subscribing out there in interweb took full advantage of. It wasn't until about a week later that I was perusing on of my favorite record stores here in Ann Arbor, Encore Records, that I dug through the hundreds of electronic 12"s to find none other than a copy of Wild Oats #2, Kyle Hall's "The Perfekt Sin". Needless to say I snagged this record up without delay and it was well worth the $5 price tag (in fact, a total STEAL if you ask me!)

The jams featured on the 12" really showcase Kyle Hall's range, the first track "The Perfekt Sin" is a total soulful house epic. A throwback to the stylings of Moodyman, Carl Craig, and the more housey offerings from Mr. De'. Track numba 2, "Lovekontrol" sounds like a lost gem from the Dilla archives. While the closer "OatnOut" is a totally off-kilter mindbender that would fit nicely next to jams by Derrick May and Juan Atkins.

My advice to you would be if you ever see anything that this dude is involved with, whether it be a 12" release or a live performance, do not pass it up!

Kyle Hall: The Perfekt Sin

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