Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Acid" brings to mind atonal one-bar loops on the 303, set over spastic, driven-into-the-red drum machines--in-your-face music that sacrifices subtle musicality for raw intensity. Tin Man's Acid Test 1 EP reverses all those stereotypes while still feeling like 100% pure acid. Donato Dozzy's remix of Nonneo on the B side focuses on a zoned-in, nostalgic melody on the 303, letting it play out inside a roomy arrangement that is serious about taking its time. Nothing changes for the first four minutes, and you don't want it to. Even when the track builds to its peak, the 303's filter opening for a few seconds with dubby echoes ringing out, the track remains subtly detailed and carefully controlled. All in all, some goddamned classy acid.

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