Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Neue Duetsche Welle

This is the second cassette I found at my work labelled "Neue Duetsche Welle." I had originally planned on uploading them both, but lost the first one in a move. It's not too much of a loss though, the first one was kind of bloated with boring pop hits rather than the weird stuff. I think this one may be the superior tape, though I'm a little confused as to why it's labelled as an NDW mix. The first few songs definitely fill the bill, but then the tape veers off into straight-up punk territory, hitting all sorts of different sounds and styles. There's some trashy shit, hardcore, pop-punk, post-punk and even some kbd styled tracks. I have no idea what any of these songs are, except for the Dead Kennedy's California Über Alles (!?). The cassette came from a collection of tapes donated to the library I work at decades ago. Most of the tapes are german language lessons, german comedians, or german classical music. It's all fun stuff to go through and clean up and whatnot but this is some gold right here. Whoever put this together did a great job and taped it all off vinyl so it sounds pretty fantastic. If anybody can give me some info about any of these tracks please hit me up.

update: maggothead totally hooked it up with tracklist. It's still missing a few tracks, but I got most of it filled out and re-upped the download with the updated metadata. PEACE!

some french dude claimed rights to some song on here, i don't even know how that's possible. fucking whatever email me if you want a link.


  1. Hi,

    enclosed is what i could figure out - 2 tracks still missing

    have a good time

    A1 = Ton Steine Scherben - Menschenjäger
    A2 = DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) - Der Mussolini
    A3 = Grobschnitt - Solar Music
    A4 = Slime - Nazis raus
    A5 = Slime - Sand im Getriebe
    A6 = Slime - Alle gegen alle
    A7 = Fehlfarben - Kebabträume
    A8 = Fehlfarben - Apokalypse
    A9 = Fehlfarben - Paul ist tot
    A10 = Fasaga - Pogo in der Straßenbahn
    A11 = Slime - Polizei SA SS
    A12 = ???
    A13 = ???
    B1 = DAF - Ich und die Wirklichkeit
    B2 = OHL (Oberste Heeresleitung) - Nieder mit dem Warschauer Pakt
    B3 = OHL - DDR
    B4 = Slime - Deutschland
    B5 = Slime - Wir wollen keine Bullenschweine
    B6 = Bluttat - Nötigung
    B7 = Razzia - Arsch im Sarge
    b8 = OHL - Spionage
    B9 = Slime - Linke Spiesser
    B10 = Hass - Bulle
    B11 = Hass - Ich hab Hass
    B12 = Hass - Leise rieselt der Schnee
    B13 = Dead Kennedys - California über alles
    B14 = Hass - Maschine
    b15 = Hass - Es tut weh
    B16 = Slime - Untergang
    B17 = Slime - Religion
    B18 = ??? Frankie Goes To Hollywood ???

  2. Awesome! thanks so much for this. I'll update the metadata on the files and re-up them asap