Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wildfang - The Promised Airwaves

Here is a list of things I like:

"Wild Thing" Covers
When bands say their name in songs
Jangly guitars with over-done out of tune vocals
80s private press records

Now fall to the floor and weep as all of these are combined into one. I am not shitting you, the very first track is a Wild Thing cover where the singer screams "WILDFANG!" instead of "Wild Thing!" Overall it's filled with summertime roofjams, somewhat akin to early gulcher stuff, though more sincere and less raunchy. Instead of being about ladies and doing things to them, you get songs about wanting to be a drummer, like Ringo! I think i read somewhere the band was from Brooklyn, probably some puerto rican neighborhood because there's for sure some latin vibes, even a straight-up latin-beat song called Rico-A-Mundo. Oh lordy I just noticed that once of the band's thousand names is "The Unemployed Ricans." This is a total summer grower.

Wildfang - Promised Airwaves

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