Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life Destroyer

Demons is Nate Young, Steve Kenney and Alivia Zivich.

Demons is the immediate feeling you gut in your gut when you realized your sandwich was moldy. All of it. The bread, the ham, the mayo and even the mealy tomato. It's not sickness from the spore, just the dread of the future blob.

Side A maunders with a disquieting salt-polluted precision.

Side B pukes while a friend holds its hair.

Last time I saw Steve Kenney play he sucked the world into a time-warp. He was using a big slippery dead dog of a sound to keep everyone pinned to the floor. It must be a difficult thing, to keep that sort of unchanging puke sound coming through the speakers, because the only time things would change was when he stepped off stage to blow tree with Nate.


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