Monday, November 1, 2010

Les Rallizes Dénudés - 1973 LP

The sound is completely unreal. There is nothing else like this. A searing-hot fireball of molten lysergia committed to rotten magnetyks. It's that stupid story they tell you about the hippy child who took too much LSD and stared at the sun. Such a good a idea. The image is so beautiful, who could possibly look away? His eyes are burnt to an ecstatic crisp, they fall out of his head *plop* right into the ocean of deep-red shag carpet. Only this time it's true. You can actually HEAR the hydrogen atoms fusing every time waves of moiré feedback consume all in that lies in their path.

Joe would play this in his car but that car died. Davison & Livernois, not a fun place to be as the sun is setting on devil's night. Not the WORST place to be of course, but one guy in particular caught on to our predicament and tried his best take advantage despite his obvious disadvantages.

Now that the car is gone, it's spirit must live on through 4 mp3s ripped off Joe's music device, because I couldn't find them anywhere else. The first track is mythical. It appears on The Flightless Bird CD, but the sound on this LP offers that sort of "turned the amp up to 11, the knob broke, plugged into a jet-engine instead" that you only really get to hear a few times before you go deaf. And you better believe there's a version of Night of The Assassin that'll leave you begging Wakabayashi to hijack your heart.

This LP and Pärson Sound. On repeat (could you even tell?) for the rest of my life.



  1. Never heard of this but if it compares to the Pärson Sound it must rock'extreme -- tanx!!!

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  3. ^^^I meant to add that "'77 Live" is my fersher fave (sor far) by these maniacs; here's the msg i deleted: so appreciate your introducing me to this band; holy moly such great sound -- and pretty much the only jap band i like... but i love em THANSXKJS