Thursday, June 10, 2010

killed by death #2

The trashiest punk jammers made by nasty dudes with leather coats and tight jeans. Much Stooges love in some of these, lots of good vibes for the pretty ladies and stuff too. You're gonna catch an STD from this record. Two songs about serial killers, both mind-blowing. The Chain Gang claims they almost had their hands mr. berkowitz and the hefty reward that came along with him. Too bad they were too busy being the fuckin' dregs of society instead. Every track makes me want to rob the liquor store across the street. I especially dig when things get kinda classic-garagy feeling and you're all "oh this songs nice oh ha 'shit-eatin blues' huh? rad!"

Plus i been ripping stuff from vinyl lately but too lazy to make it sound decent. So this is gonna be the first in a little series or something if I ever get to it. Expect some stuff!


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