Thursday, March 18, 2010

being poor sucks

Some time in the winter I played a show with those dudes from Math Balance Volumes and Natalie Wiseblood. We had a "totally rad time" and everyone got awesome everywhere. When the night was closing down and we got to trading cds and tapes one of the homeboys from MBV pulls out a CD-R and starts talking about some super-rare mid-west garage comp he found at the salvation army. HOLY SHIT. I'd been looking for this comp for fucking ever. Nowhere to be found, and homie picks it up at a second hand store. Well I guess he sold it for a few hundo (can't really blame him....maybe i can i dunno) but not before digitizing that shit and giving a copy to little ole' me.

This comp is insane. There are some LEGENDARY bands on this comp, and it's from goddamn 1967. I'll admit there are a few not-super-essential cuts on here, but there are some truly wrecked psyched-out jammers on here that bring it way over the top. This guy right here is a true historical relic.


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