Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SIMLA BEAT - 70/71

this is an indian garage psych comp compiled from talent shows hosted by a cigarrette company called Simla in the 60's. a werid cross-promotion between two of the greatest products circulating earth: rock music and cigarrettes. as far as the bands go, the eruptions are really good distorted surf rock, and fentones/hypnotic eye have the best cuts overall. and let me tell you, the cross-promotion works. i've smoked more bones listening to this one than even Simla Cigarettes could support, dood



  1. lookee heeeere jash we all know this comp fucking slays but why does this version you uploaded have not even half the tracks that the CD does? so confused. I demand those fentones jams and cannot find the motherfuckers anywhere. give me some love homeboy

    be real

  2. My Father was leader of the Fentones and I am trying to get the song he composed. Please help me. His name is Sherlock Giri

  3. Angela, here's a link to the correct Fentones mp3s, hops this helps.

    Tell your dad he's a true baller.

  4. thanks a lot. Really appreciate it