Monday, December 7, 2009

Labryinths and Jokes [Hanson Records Compilation]


Labryinths and Jokes is the 1998 compilation LP from Hanson Records. The comp features tracks from a slew of Metro Detroit noisers including: Nautical Almanac, Ron of Japan, Isis & Werewolves, The Beast People, The Mini-Systems, and Andrew Wilkes Krier (more famously known as Andrew WK). This music is truly bizarre in the best way possible. I feel like a lot of people forget that there are a lot of freaks here in the mitten, most outsiders looking in on us Michiganders think of us as SUV driving, big game hunting, outdoors enthusiasts who live in a state that has one of the worst cities in the nation; and quite possibly the first world. These assumptions may not be completely off-base, however, there are many interesting folks hiding in-between the expansive pockets of suburban hegemony and urban decay. The music heard here is an apt response to living in a state that is totally fucked economically, culturally depressed, and being ecologically ravaged. The "noise" represented on this Hanson compilation is really an alarm call, that perhaps we should stop ignoring and passively accepting the mountains of bullshit being heaved upon us and perhaps make some positive change. The jamz compiled on this record express all of the disillusion, resentment, and apathy that living in Michigan can induce in those residents with dreams bigger than the Lions making the playoffs.

Labryinths and Jokes [Hanson Records Compilation]

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